Requirements for booking a lecture:

Are you interested in applying to be a speaker at PARACELSUS? We would be delighted to receive your application!
Here are our requirements:

  • You must be a registered exhibitor at PARACELSUS and/or you wish to sponsor a speaker.
  • The following costs shall be incurred by an exhibitor as a result of holding a lecture during the course of a PARACELSUS trade fair:

Existing exhibitors:
€ 100.00 per lecture plus VAT.
New exhibitors:
€ 130.00 per lecture plus VAT.
These costs cover half the amount arising in relation to the technical support and equipment for the lecture platforms, and shall be billed by the event organiser after the trade fair has finished.

  • You must ensure the content of the lecture is tailored to the interests of the visitors to PARACELSUS who are interested in the various topics.
  • Each exhibitor may book a maximum of two lectures, i.e. one per day.
  • You can only make your booking online.
  • Approval of a lecture requires return confirmation by the event organiser.
  • If you have not yet submitted your lecture requirements to us, please send an email to us as soon as possible to Mr. Max Striebeck – – or Mrs. Vera Oswald –

The lectures will run for between 30 – 35 minutes. At the end of the lecture, participants will have a 5 minute period to ask questions to the speaker.