Overview of all trade fairs & costs


You can formally register for our trade fairs here. First of all, please choose the trade fair you wish to attend. If you want to register for several trade fairs, please go through the process separately for each one. If you have any queries, please feel free to call us on +49 2131 66399 15 or email goebel@wellfairs.de.

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The pure exhibition area is settled by way of the stand rental charge. Mandatory fees include the media flat rate enabling entry into the trade fair catalogue (online and offline) totalling EUR 55.00 net as well as the AUMA-Fee and the waste disposal fee totalling EUR 3.00 per sqm net.

We do not charge any other additional mandatory costs!

We are however more than happy to offer you a variety of equipment features to rent for your stand. Here is a rough price guide for the most important products:

AC supply incl. consumption approx. EUR 100.00
Three-phase current supply incl. consumption approx. EUR 250.00
White partition wall, per linear metre approx. EUR 30.00
Table 140×70 cm approx. EUR 40.00
Table 70×70 cm approx. EUR 25.00
Chair without armrest approx. EUR 18.00
Carpet per sqm approx. EUR 12.00

The prices quoted are from last year. The prices for this year may well be subject to change. You will be able to obtain access to our ordering system 3 months prior to the trade fair.