Why you should be an exhibitor at PARACELSUS:

1. PARACELSUS is the oldest and one of the biggest health care trade fairs in Wiesbaden and Düsseldorf.

2. PARACELSUS celebrated its 25th “birthday” in 2017 – there are still many regular guests we are pleased to welcome every year.

3. Health consciousness is still growing in popularity.

4. You meet your target group of private persons hardly any scattering loss.

5. PARACELSUS takes place in parallel with VeggieWorld so visitors have the possibility to attend both fairs.

6. Exhibitions are the most personal and direct marketing tool and health is a very personal topic.

7. The participation fee is much lower than any advert in the media. Combined with a very low scattering loss, exhibitions are very effective.

8. You cannot only promote your products, but you can also sell it. Most exhibitors’s turnover is higher than their costs – means marketing for free!

9. We know how to market the event with a professional marketing campagne. In the past we had an average of more than 10.000 visitors per show.

10. PARACELSUS has a long history and thus we have a lot of experience in organizing this kind of events so you can expect a high degree of professionalism and hospitality.

11. The health trail is additionally attraction visitors.

12. The Bund Deutscher Heilpraktiker (Association of German non-medical practitioners) presents a series of lectures for interested laymen – high-quality speakers and all included in the price.

13. The Bund Deutscher Heilpraktiker (Association of German non-medical practitioners) organises a professional symposium. Only through this we expect over 100 non-medical practitioners – so more specialist visitors for you.